OASIS D and D1 Significance of PDGM, Outcomes, Impact Act

OASIS D and D1: The Significance of PDGM, Agency Outcomes and the Impact Act

How to ensure your Interdisciplinary Team Collaboration provides the most accuracy for OASIS assessments.

OASIS D1 begins January 1, 2020 and we are just getting used to this past January’s huge changes with OASIS D. Fortunately, OASIS D1 doesn’t have major changes such as the additional GG items added in OASIS D. We will review all OASIS - D1 changes, focus on M1800/M1033 items for PDGM, and dig into GG and J items in this session.

After the session, participants will understand the reason for the changes to OASIS – D and D1. They will learn what items have been added to OASIS – D because of the Impact act. They will also learn more specifics about what the IMPACT ACT entails- and how it groups Home Health with the Post- Acute Care providers.
Participants will understand the guidance and intent of the OASIS items which will be of significant importance for the functional impairment category in PDGM: M1800 - grooming, M1810 - upper body dressing, M1820 - lower body dressing, M1830 - bathing, M1840 - toilet transferring, M1850 - transferring, M1860 - ambulation/locomotion, and M1033 - hospitalization risk. Along with the GG items to note the similarity and variances between these very detailed ADL/IADL and ambulation items to the M1800 ADL items.
The participants will understand the critical importance of the interdisciplinary team in completing a comprehensive OASIS assessment.
The accuracy and consistency of all team members will be a theme throughout the webinar. The challenge within any home health agency is ensuring that clinicians are answering the OASIS items in the same manner to create consistencies among the team. Ensuring accuracy and consistencies among clinicians within your home health agency not only will improve your patient outcomes, it also will improve your financial outcomes.

Presenter: Sharon Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D, is Founder and Senior Managing Partner at 5 Star Consultants, a national consulting and coding firm specializing in home care and hospice services since 2003. Sharon is a former ACHC and CHAP surveyor, performing Medicare-deemed surveys for over a decade. Sharon has been in the home care and hospice industry for over 25 years. In her consulting firm, Sharon assists home care and hospice agencies in providing quality, meeting regulations, ICD-10 coding, OASIS, increasing outcomes and Star Ratings, and having continued survey readiness. Sharon and her staff perform ICD-10 coding and OASIS reviews, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI), clinical record reviews, mock surveys, and help agencies across the country stay in compliance. Sharon is a regular speaker to education companies, state and national associations, and published author in industry-related publications.
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